There is a way through ever block!

Yogi Bhajan said something to the effect of ~ There is no such thing as the wrong direction – You either make it right or let it go wrong. This is the power we hold, and these are words I have been living by lately. I often find myself doubting choices in my life, wondering if I could have done it differently or better. When I catch myself, I realize that this is my mind's way of trying to find an easy out or an excuse so that I do not have to do the work in the moment to course correct. 

The mind is a trickster and is always looking for a short cut or an easy fix. This makes complete sense because the mind operates in survival mode. Our instinct is always to conserve energy, because we never know when a lion is going to jump out of a bush and we are going to have to run for our lives. To sit and complain, or day dream about the “what if's” may seem like the safer choice because it may conserve the most energy. The irony is that when you sit and worry you are left more fatigued then if you get up and try to do something different. 

So many people in the world, especially in the West, are deeply fatigued. Many people when asked how they are doing, respond with “busy and tired.” Most of our tiredness comes from mental fatigue which is caused by not enough time spent in silence or meditation. Our minds are like muscles, they need time to rest and recover just like the rest of our body. If not given this opportunity to rest the mind will start to short circuit which can make sleeping hard, resting difficult and leave us with a restless mind – which can lead to anxiety and depression. 

So how do we avoid this? We get creative, we move our energy, we focus on the direction we want to flow. There is a saying: our energy flows where our attention goes. If you are always focused on what is wrong with your life you will continue to live the wrong life. If you shift your attention to what is right and what you want to create more of, time and space will open up - just watch!

In every moment of every choice there are two options. Right now, you have the choice, do I finish reading this blog, or do I get side tracked and move on… every single moment has multiple options and multiple outcomes. Start by taking note of your choices in every situation. How do you want to respond, how do you want to react, how do you want to show up. Try not to focus on the choices you made yesterday or how you could have done it differently. Make each moment your teacher so that you can learn to make the other choice next time, sending your life in the direction you want. 

This is how creative people live and we are all creative, we just have to bring our attention to the power of choice and take responsibility for our lives. Yogi Bhajan said it in the 5 Sutra’s of the Aquarian Age: "There is a way through every block!" 

Sat Nam  


wahe Khalsa