A letter to my sisters

My Sisters,

I feel you. I hear you. I love you. That is all I have wanted to say to every women who has come out in the last few weeks with her story of abuse or assault. I have felt these stories as if they were my own. At times I had to turn them off to take a pause from the pain. But I realize that the women telling their stories can not turn it off, they can not take a pause whenever they need a break, they have to live with the experience everyday. My heart breaks for them. But I also know that amongst the heart break is the rising heart. The heart that is fired up and ready to direct that energy towards change. To this I say, I am with you, I will support you, I love you.

 This last year of the #Metoo movement has made the work I do with women that much more meaningful. It is powerful to watch a group of strangers come together and just within a few hours the walls are down, the connection is happening and the love is flowing. I find that what women need now more then ever is just a space to connect authentically. A space to be heard and uplifted.

One thing I have noticed in offering women’s circles and workshops is the importance of them being open to all. It is wonderful and beautiful to host a girls night with your close friends, but it is profound when we open that circle up to others. When we invite women from other circles in, or maybe even women who have never found their circle. If we are going to change this world we are going to have to gather ever women we can find, we are going to have to leave no women behind. 

 As this time begins to pressure cook us and we feel as though we might just implode, instead explode your hearts towards one another. Reach out, invite, host, gather! Do not wait for the invitation. Do not wait for someone else to lead. All it takes is a living room, some candles, tea, cookies and an open invitation, and there you have it, taa-daa! a sacred women’s circle. 

 Women need spaces to feel and heal now more then ever. Host a gathering, a tea, a dance, a dinner, whatever feels authentic to you! 

 Here are some ideas for your next gathering! 

  • Writing letters of forgiveness

    Writing can be a wonderful tool for healing. When you write you give yourself permission to acknowledge whatever is floating around inside you. The letter can be to someone or to yourself. If you have access to a fire pit or fire place you can do a little burning of the letters after and chant a mantra or meditate as you let your forgiveness travel up to the heavens through the flames.

  • Mandala making

    Get some card stock paper and cut it in circles. Get lots of color pens or thin tipped markers. One side you draw a mandala, which becomes like a meditation, just allowing the creativity to flow and not thinking about it too much. The other side you write your prayers. It becomes a prayer weal. You can keep it in a special place, hang it. It can become a reminder of all that you want to manifest.

wahe Khalsa