Learning To Live As Humans

Life is moving fast. In western culture our society puts so much value on being busy and moving fast. Have you ever noticed how you can ask people how they are and so many people just answer with “busy.” It is almost as if we are afraid of being  judged for being lazy if we are not busy. 

So we get on the busy train and we start going so fast we forget where we are even going. And sooner or later we crash, we burn out, we melt down or we get sick. 

Yogi Bhajan described this as a car with no brakes. We are the car and unless we have a lifestyle of living consciously, we are the car with no breaks. Yoga and meditation are our breaks, they are the tools we use to direct our own minds from derailing. Life has different speed zones, there are times to speed up and times to cruse and go slow. Having a discerning mind and a dialed in intuition will guide us to know what speed is appropriate to serving us in different circumstances of our lives. 

If we live on auto pilot then we are living from our subconscious, our old programing from child hood. We will live from conditionings that we probably don’t even remember, thoughts and ideas that we developed in our mother’s wombs. That is how far back it goes. 

So how does it work, how do we live from our current self, our conscious self? Well we clean our mind out every morning. We start our day fresh with intention and mindfulness. We use yoga to move our energy and direct it to our higher centers and we meditate to create space for the answers to flow through us. You know that saying "the answer is within you." Well that is not really helpful unless you can get quite enough to hear them. Meditation creates that internal silence where we can be guided by our soul rather then the pressures of society. This will lead us down the path of spirit and when we are living in spirit we are living a fulfilling life. 

It is simple, it is a lifestyle. 

It doesn’t matter how powerful or expensive a car may be, if it doesn’t have brakes, an accident is inevitable. If your mind doesn’t know how to stop within the psyche of the circumstances of the flow… to create a universe and unisonous in you—you have not learned to live as a human.
— Yogi Bhajan

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wahe Khalsa