Be The Stability In Your Life.  

The most consistent thing in my life is ME. I have learned through my practice that Kundalini Yoga provides me with consistency in life. It is not that everything is not always changing, because it is. I am also always changing, growing and expanding, but in the midst of what can sometimes look like madness I remain ME. What I mean is I always remain true to myself despite the ever shifting world around me. 

I was recently talking to a friend about the desire to belong. We both grew up in the Kundalini community and have had the privilege of having the tools of Kundalini Yoga from a very young age. We were talking about how so many people are searching to be themselves. We were kind of laughing because we both said we don’t know how NOT to be ourselves. I used to curse this trait, I used to wish I could be more “normal” and fit in, it was not until I recognized it as a huge gift that it began to serve me. It can be scary exposing ourselves, it can be tariffing to be vulnerable especially in different sections of our lives, like at work or maybe even with our families. 

Until we give ourselves permission to be authentic to our souls we will always feel a longing to belong. When we are ourselves we get to experience that we belong already, we belong to humanity, we belong to our soul and that is enough. 

You might just be surprised about people’s openness. Just start being you fully and watch it serve you. 

Need a little tool to return to YOU each day? Try this 3- 11 minuet Kriya before you leave the house each day! 

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wahe Khalsa