Transcending our past – Letting Go. 

When we start to live as Yogis we begin to understand our past and its purpose. Letting go can be experienced in many ways, for some it is more of a transcendence then a letting go. We do not necessarily want to forget our past, but we also do not want to live as victims of it.

Yogi Bhajan said it beautiful “Out of the Karma grows the kindness and it becomes Dharma.” When we become loving with ourselves and understand that our souls came into the world to have a specific experience to learn, evolve and grow and we recognize it as our Karma we give way for the pain to move into purpose. This perspective gives us a deeper ability to have compassion for our past, regardless of its challeng. As we develop compassion for our own past we in turn develop compassion and tolerance for others.  As we transcendence and transformation our pain into purpose we begin to serve and helping others, leading us to our  Dharma.

 “Out of that grows the compassion and that is called Siddhi; that's called power.” Yogi Bhajan said this is our power, this is what our soul came to do. Take the challenges of life and grow from them.  

 We cannot wait for life to be perfect to experience our power and our discipline, we have to train the mind to be under command of the soul in the middle of the mess. “From that comes the word sadhu: one who has controlled himself through all aspects of life.” This is when we are living as yogis. 

Life is everything; beautiful, scary, joyful, messy, loving, sadness, peaceful, anger, harmony, loss… it is how we show up that defines us. Having daily rituals that align you with spirit will help keep you steady and give you the ability to rely on yourself and your own inner wisdom in times of need. Be compassionate with yourself and at the same time challenge your thoughts, beliefs and habits.  You are your own teacher. 

Remember there is no time line for your growth, just make sure you keep growing. You are strong and brave and have the power within you to transform and transcend any past into purpose.

Sat Nam. 

Endless gratitude for Yogi Bhajan and the teachings and tools he left us of Kundalini Yoga. 

Endless gratitude for Yogi Bhajan and the teachings and tools he left us of Kundalini Yoga. 



wahe Khalsa