Why A Yogic Life?

The yogis used to live in the forest, removed form society so that they would not be distracted or tempted by the social allures of our world. Then Yogi Bhajan came to the West. He said he brought tools for the house holder, tools to help keep humanity sane when the world started to feel like a mad house. He brought us these ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga. He did not say practice them, he said live them, and that is how I learned this way of life. 

Yoga means Union. In Yoga we’re merging the segments of our life and recognizing how each affects the other, the same way I affect you, and you affect the world. We are deeply connected inside and outside and when we start to live in Union/Yoga within our own lives we start to live in harmony with the world around us. 

Yogic lifestyle is a pathway, a road map to finding that Union is your everyday life, weather you can make it to a Yoga class or not. Having daily rituals and traditions in this modern world can be extremely empowering for taking charge of your spiritual life. We cannot rely on others to lead us. This has to be a grassroots movement where we all simultaneously rise to the call of our spirit. We have to inspire and engage each other along the way, but at the same time we cannot wait to be inspired. If we all waited for the perfect teacher, we would never get started or if we all waited till we were perfect to share what we know we would die waiting…  

It is up to each of us to light each other’s flames. A flame is a flame, if you’ve got it use it, light up this world. 

These are my yogic rules to live by. I am human and just like you I can have moments of confusion and loss. All I have to do is turn to my map and get started again. It is not complicated and does not require anything other than me showing up. There is no room for excuses and so I begin again. 

 Yogic Lifestyle Map – easy to follow guidelines to living a life of spirit and joy. 

  1. Wake up and meditate, pray, and connect with your soul. 
  2. Take a cold shower to balance your nervous system, so you are not nervous. 
  3. Be compassionate and do not harm other living beings – Don’t eat them!
  4. Be kind to yourself, you are growing and evolving and it takes time.
  5. Remember where your soul came from and where it will go – everything in-between is just part of a moment in time. Don’t label it good or bad, it is simply part of this life’s journey. 
  6. Love your earth and live responsibly. 
  7. Live with Dignity, Divinity and Grace – all good things will come to you. 
Prayer is when the mind is one-pointed and man talks to Infinity. Meditation is when the mind becomes totally clean and receptive, and Infinity talks to the man.
— Yogi Bhajan
wahe Khalsa