Co-Create Your Life With The Universe

My dears, 

I am here to remind you that your are the Universe. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion, you have ever right to have all that your hearts desire. As my life falls into place in the most beautiful way in Portland, I am being reminded of my power; power in prayer, power in action and power in practice. I said something to my dad the other day like "I am just amazed by the power of prayer." He said "yes, be amazed and also be sure that what you wish for is  truly what you want, because you will get it." That got me thinking.... The more we connect to the Universe in us and around us and the infinite possibilities, we must simultaneously remember what is really important. Our power to attract and manifest opportunity comes with a responsibility to stay connected to source. Otherwise as we attract our dreams we can also become attached to them. This will lead us down a path where we find our lives full of everything we wanted but lost from the source in which they came. Leaving us feeling empty or an insatiable desire for more.

In this video I share a story of my experience in moving to a new city and co-creating a new life. I also share a short, practical two minuet meditation for affirming our power and connection to source. Enjoy! XOXO 

wahe Khalsa