Replacing Fear with Faith

As I sat in my morning meditation today I watched my mind, I woken up with some fear and was starting to spin a story around it. My mind was like a spider busy at work building her web, a web of untruths, a web of fear, a big messy story. As I witnessed her hard at work, believing he own words whole heartedly, I noticed how the story kept getting stronger, to the point it started to convince my body it was true, and then the physical response came of tears. It was amazing to watch the power a spark of fear had when given fuel, it quickly become a wild fire. I was oddly enjoying witnessing the polarity of the story and witness in me,  so I let it go on for a bit... I very calmly was done and wanted to move through the process and begin meditating. I did not want to spend my whole morning being the story or the witness... I wanted to get to the center of the message the situation was here to teach me.  I took a few deep breaths and called to my angels. I told them I do not want to live in this story and to please give me clarity. This is what I got… Big Happy Changes… the card told me that I had big changes coming my way, and they were all put in place to bring me happiness. I needed to replace my FEAR with FAITH. It even specifically referred to one of the big changes being moving into a new home, we are now 10 days away from closing on our house and will be moving in April. It lastly reminded me that my angels are with me though this process and I should enjoy it fully! I could have spent the whole day, week, weekend weaving this story and making it more and more detailed. I could have convinced myself, my husband and my community that it was true… that is the power of our mind and our words when we do not clean out our heads with meditation. I am eternally grateful for this path. It is not a practice but a lifestyle really, because I am pretty sure these little fears and challenges will be with me till the day I take my last breath. They will evolve and change with life and age, but there will always be something that challenges me or scares me, I guess unless I make it to enlightenment, which who knows, anything is possible;) But for now as long as they are here, I know one thing, it is how I respond to them that defines them. And thank God for my angles, they are always here to remind me of the truth.


Don’t forget you always have access to a clear mind. You too do not have to get lost in your minds stories. It takes a little effort but is much lest work then getting lost in the web of stories and emotions that do not serve you.

Sit. Pray. Meditate. The path will be cleared. Sat Nam. 

wahe Khalsa