Why utilize just one brain when you have three!

Although most the world idealizes the head brain and relies almost solely on it, we actually have three brains. The Gut Brain, the Heart Brain and the Head Brain

The Gut Brain is connected to our animal instinct. Our gut tells us to fight or flight or often gives us that first feeling if a situation or person is safe. You know that saying: "I had a bad feeling in my gut." Well, that sums up the gut brain. The gut brain is connected to the third chakra, the navel center. 

The Head Brain is the analyzer and rational one of the three brains. It can follow direction and help us make decisions. 

The most underestimated is the Heart Brain. This brain has the cappacity to be more powerful then we think. It can love unconditionally and has compassion beyond its fellow brains' understanding. Because of its power, it is often written off as the brain to not be trusted. The heart brain is connected to the 4th chakra at the heart center.

As yogis we do a lot of work connecting to the heart and living from it. Sometimes you will even hear the idea that our other brains are useless and we should just focus on living from the heart center and compassion. The trouble this can cause is enormous. It can lead us down a path of being treated like a door mat, being taken advantage of, or in some cases dangerous situation. 

When we practice Kundalini Yoga we channel our energy to flow openly though our chakra system. Between the breath work, chanting, and movement, we create the perfect environment for all three of our brains to communicate and activate. When our gut, heart and head are working as a team we are more likely to make choices that will serve our highest good and the good of others. Our bodies and brains are interconnected like everything in our lives, understanding the power of each is the key to maximizing our capacity and potential. Our intuition is nothing other then all three of our brains working together to give us the inner wisdom and direction we need. 

Here are three exercises to get all three brains online and working. It only takes 9 minuets and will change the way you act and react to all things and people that come your way!

Enjoy and Sat Nam XO  

wahe Khalsa