Happy Birthday to Me!

We all have the right to shine bright and not only is it our birthright it is a responsibility!

I wonder how many people can relate to the feelings I have every year around my birthday. I have an internal urge to celebrate, to go big, to make it grand and meaningful, to shine unapologetically for one day. All that excitement is coupled with feelings of guilt, or an awareness that I don’t want to seem like an egomaniac. Every year I get caught in the same internal duality. 

Well, I feel blessed that the celebratory voice in my head always wins and I always create space for honoring my birth and the day my soul got this body on earth. It is important to celebrate and be grateful for your life, however it looks. In yogic science the teachings say that there are hundreds of thousands of souls waiting for human bodies to get to experience the many facets of this human life. We must take it all, the blessings and the challenges and celebrate! Life is short, and so very temporary, do not get lost in being little and living little, celebrate whenever you can, and there is no better time then when you were born! 

It is also important to share something on your birthday. When you share on your big day your year is automatically filled with abundance and blessings, 10x fold what you give. You can bring cookies to work, or your yoga class, you can feed people in need, or make donations to your favorite charities, just give somehow, expressing your gratitude for this life! 

Your Birthday is one thing that everybody should celebrate because that is when you pay homage to the Will of God for bringing you to this planet Earth... It is a very beautiful day to remember: it is a beautiful day to progress; it is a very meditative day.
Normally a Birthday is a test of friendship...
I do not know whether you understand the importance of Birthday or not.
That is the day when God willed you to enter the planet Earth and test your own will towards God.
— Yogi Bhajan
wahe Khalsa