There is no freedom which is free

There is no liberation with our labor and there is no freedom which is free.
— Yogi Bhajan

I was recently listening to a talk about meditation. The speaker was talking about meditation in laymen's terms. He broke down the power of meditation for people in all walks of life. Being a meditation teacher, I hear all kinds of reasons why people think they cannot meditate. They do not have time, which just means it is not a priority. They don’t think they do it right, so why do it at all. It is boring, so what is the point… the reasons go on… 

The saying “There is no freedom which is free” speaks to the power of our mind. Meditation helps us see the clutter of our minds and when we practice enough we begin to clear the clutter. Many people reach for self-help books because they seem like an easy inspiring fix, but the only way to truly clear the mind and the subconsciousness is though meditation. 

I have noticed in my own life that on the mornings I sit down and do my practice I am steady and stable, come what may. On the days I do not, I am unpredictable. I was blessed to grow up within the world of meditation and yoga, for me it is normal and an obvious thing to do. However, I have mornings when I get lazy and do not meditate. I have this trickster voice in my head that says I can get away with skipping days because I have a solid foundation… but the truth is, every time I have an emotional break down it is on a day I have not meditated. The mind is slippery, and it will slip into old thoughts and habits very quickly, that is why consistency is so important. 

The best way to kick off a consistent meditation practice is to start with a 40 day commitment. If you want freedom from your mind and all its trickery, then you have to be willing to work for it. Meditation is the ticket to true FREEDOM! 

This meditation is a great one if you would like to give it a 40 day go! Meditation to release fear of the future is a great place to start with a simple but longer meditation.

 I also work with people to create personalized 40 day practices with check-in’s for accountability. If you are interested in this offering please email me at

Work for your freedom because that is when you will truly feel free! 



wahe Khalsa