chandanni liver Cleanse with personal support + yoga + meditation with wah

How it works!

My good friend Chandanni is a Ayurvedic specialist and she has designed the most powerful cleanse. This cleanse does not require starvation. It provides meaningful health benefits by learning new eating habits and letting go of vices that do not serve you, resulting in improved long-term health. All it takes is 14 days to feel vast improvements and put you on a track towards meaningful life changes.

Resources From the Chandanni Cleanse Included:

Liver Cleanse Herbs

Chandanni's proprietary blend of liver cleanse herbs. See the bottom of this page for list of ingredients and benefits of each one.

 Lifetime Access to Exclusive Online Resources

• Directions for during your cleanse

• Exclusive guidance content

• Exclusive talk and recipe videos

• Liver Cleanse approved recipes

• Information and inspiration on the go

• Constantly evolving content

Liver Cleanse Handbook

Printed and easy to take with you where ever you go. Contains directions, guidance, encouragement, and recipes.

What is included when doing the cleanse with Wah:

  • Working with Wah on a personalized cleanse means you will get her undivided attention and support through out the 14 days of cleansing.

  • You will learn how to have a daily yoga practice, how to create rituals to enhance your spirit all while following the cleanse.

  • Wah will support you in preparing meal plans, offering additional ideas and grocery store shopping lists.

  • Your daily Kundalini yoga set and meditation will be put together by Wah and she will direct you in how to follow the instructions to practice on your own.

  • You will get 6 - 30 minutes calls with Wah over the 14 days. This will be time to learn, check in and support you in having a successful cleanse!

The cost for the Liver Cleanse with Wah’s personal support is $475 - This is all inclusive!

Message me to learn more and sign up to start your whole health plan!

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Why a Liver Cleanse? 

Hardly any health condition is not directly or indirectly linked to restricted liver performance. This 2-week program efficiently and thoroughly cleanses and rejuvenates the liver. It effectively and intelligently break habits and vices to scrub your liver clean and reset your whole system.

How It Works

This cleanse often results in increasing energy, decreasing cholesterol, shedding excess weight, reducing inflammation, alkalizing the system, clearing up complexion, making hair shine and resetting the whole system. This is all accomplished via a strict vegan, alkalized diet, and strategic timing of your daily Liver Cleanse Herb shake over the course of 14 days.

Signs You May Need to Undergo a Liver Cleanse

• Feeling Sluggish, Low Energy, Excess weight, Bloating, Bad Skin, Digestive Issues, Stress, Depression, Inflammation, Feeling Moody, Gall Bladder Issues, Insomnia, Cravings, Chemical Sensitivity