Yogic Lifestyle Coaching

Yogis did not used to own yoga mats or have to go to a studio to practice yoga, they lived yoga everyday in every breath. In the West we have tried to cut and paste the parts of yoga that we like, or the parts that keep us fit, but unfortunately we are only experiencing a fraction of what Yoga has to offer us.

Yoga means Union. The merging of all things. Our health, wellness, relationships, diet, home, careers… removing the compartments of our life and reviewing how interconnected it all is.

Do you want to learn how to live like a Yogi? How to incorporate the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga into your everyday life and home? Wah offers just that. Having grown up a Yogi her whole life she knows and has practiced these teaching for 34 years.

Invite her into your home and see the magic unfold. It often takes change, but can happen slowly over time or quickly if you’re just a “go for it” type. The beauty is when working one-on-one with Wah, you set the speed. See how peaceful and prosperous your life can become when you make space for new healthy habits that support spirit.

The process:

  • Home review, how do you live?
  • Does your home inspire you? Does your home make you feel that spirit is present and guiding your life? Or does your home just feel like a place to crash or chaotic?
  • Diet review – How do you eat? Is there room for improvement? Are you connecting to food as medicine? Do you feel good when you eat? Would you like to have a better relationship to food and make healthy choices?
  • Relationship review – How can you live with more harmony in your life? When we review our lives and begin to make change to support our spirit, our relationships either heal or fall away. Once we become clear, our relationships become clear.  
  • Create a personal yoga and meditation practice.

Often it is hard to get to a yoga studio every day to create that daily practice we have heard about. So why not become independent and learn how to have a home self guided practice. Daily practice of yoga and mediation alone will change your life. It is the beginning of a Yogic Life.


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