Personalized 40 Day Program

Yogi Bhajan said: “If you want to make a new habit or brake an old habit create a 40 consecutive days practice.” Hence the 40 day tradition started in the Kundalini Yoga community. Start your own 40 day program with the support and guidance of Wah in this personalized practice.

The process:

  • Meet with Wah for a 1 hour intro checkin to talk about your gifts and challenges and what you would like to bring attention to through your personal practice. She will then create a perfect personalized practice for you based upon what you share and where your goals lay.  
  • You will have her support throughout the 40 days with a 30 minute weekly check in. This will be an opportunity to process anything that is coming up for you in the practice and help you stay motivated and accountable to your commitment. 
  • Wah will help you become independent and own your practice and spiritual journey so that over time you can feel empowered to become your own teacher.  

Inquire below to learn more about how Wah's personalized 40 Day Program can serve you!