Yogic Pregnancy

A yogic pregnancy incorporates all aspects of yoga into your daily life, home and pregnancy. When your baby is in utero everything is developing from the physical body to the emotional bodies. It is known that how we think, breath, eat and exist in pregnancy will have a direct affect on our unborn child. Living a yogic pregnancy during these 9 sacred months will give the mother and family the tools needed to navigate this ever changing world they are entering. It is already a profound experience creating life, when you add prayer, trust, grace and ease, it can be the most divine experience of one's life.

  • In Yogic Pregnancy we look at all aspects of our life. Starting with our nutrition, knowing that what we eat is a key component to how we will feel during pregnancy and how our child develops.

  • We will also reflect on our homes and how they feel. Creating a sacred space at home with calm energy and a cozy organized environment will support you to feel calm and cozy inside where baby is growing.

  • We will meditate on how we vision our birth and birth experience. Information is power and when we learn our options we are better equipped to make the right choices for our family. We will use yoga, meditation and education to develop inner trust and wisdom to guide us into conscious motherhood.

  • Most importantly, we utilize this ancient science of yoga and meditation to optimize our time with baby in womb, to heal our past and create a new story for motherhood. It is sacred, playful and a powerful way to begin our new life as a growing family!


Pregnancy Resources : 

Bountiful Beautiful & Blissful – by Gurmukh  ,  Happy Healthy Child , First 40 days

These days mothers have no time. That’s why we want those forty days—not as a punishment. We are asking that for those forty days the mother and child be together so that creativity and values can be established. From the 120th day in the womb to those forty days from birth, the entire character and values of the child are built.
— Yogi Bhajan

Baby Blessing

In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, it is thought that on the 120th day of pregnancy the soul of the child enters the mother’s womb. It is celebrated in a sacred way with community and family.

Private Prenatal Yoga

Are you having a hard time making it to class but know how important yoga is for you and your pregnancy? Wah teaches one-on-one private classes. Although she is a big believer in building community through group prenatal yoga classes, she also knows the reality that many first time moms work and can not make it to a studio.