Sat Nam - Connecting to your truth!

Welcome to Seven, a 7 day mind, body and soul cleanse. This course and its easy to follow videos will give you a doorway into experiencing how the ancient practice of yoga was designed to be a way of life. Using Seven yogic tools we will create a personal ecosystem for success, health, love, healing and joy. In numerology the number Seven represents the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of truth. As you choose to journey this 7 day cleanse you will create space to find your truth and eliminate what does not serve you, taking deep responsibility for your life.

This 7 days is about self love. Everything is doable for different people and different walks of life. As long as you have a body and have breath, this 7 days can reshape the way you relate to yourself and the world. Enhancing your physical health, healing your emotions and freeing your spirit. Recognizing how all aspects of you are deeply connected and result in your overall health and wholeness.

What it entails 

  • A 7 day commitment to 7 yogic tools
  • A morning yoga practice (about 30 minutes) 
  • A cold shower and dry brushing 
  • A green meal each day 
  • An evening meditation 
  • A letting go 
  • A new commitment 
  • A week of deep self love 
Wah’s “Seven” is the perfect kickstart, if you’re looking for the balance and clarity that go hand in hand with the basic yogic lifestyle. I personally love the program because it easily merges into a typical week; no need for total retreat, and the benefits are noticeable.One week of Seven re-booted and re-charged by being, and brought me back into rhythm and flow when I hadn’t realized I’d gone out of tune!
Many Thanks, Wah. I’ve picked up a few good habits that have been very easy to continue!
— Coles Brewer

Find out what Seven is all about in this short video with Wah!