Yogic Postpartum Support

When we first have our baby we want to surround ourselves with a loving village of support. Creating a cocoon for our new child as he/she adjusts to life outside the womb.

In many ancient cultures and on the yogic path we honor the first 40 Days of the child’s life by creating sacred and quiet time at home. We do our best to not venture out into the world with our newborn until he/she has had a chance to land on earth. Home becomes the center point of our bonding time and exploring life as a new family. This not only gives the baby time to adjust but also the mother time to heal and rebuild her strength after birth.

Wah offers postpartum support to help create a calm and nurturing yogic start to life for you and your baby. She brings in yogic foods and practices to support you and your whole family.

What Wah offers:

  • Emotional support for the mother.
  • Extra hands to hold baby while mama naps or showers.
  • Special yogic prepared foods for the first 3 days after birth to support the rebuild of blood, nervous system, also yogi foods for developing breast milk.
  •  If the family desires, Wah can also continue to offer Ayuvadic meals for the first few weeks as the family adjusts to their new rhythm.
  • A calm and sturdy support to all your family's needs.

What the Mama's are saying:


Rachel & Wylie 

Wah was truly a postpartum gift from the gods! After a beautiful yet very long and exhausting home birth my partner and I had committed to spending our first 40 days at home with our newborn son. Wah's postpartum attention to our family began only hours after our son came earthside and her sincere approach to the postnatal period is incomparable. She is incredibly sensitive and tuned into what a brand new family needs. Her support was instrumental in my healing process. She graced us daily with delicious food to nourish my body, cooking food tailored specifically for postpartum mothers. The time and effort Wah gave us was true from the heart care, her commitment to supporting my physical and emotional well being was genuine, I will forever be grateful to the gods for providing me with her support during such a sweet special time. I got to relax in bed with my son day in and day out during this time, 40 days I will FOREVER cherish. Thank you Wah.