Baby Soul Blessings

In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, it is thought that on the 120th day of pregnancy the soul of the child enters the mother’s womb. It is celebrated in a sacred way with community and family. There are many ways to create this special space for the parents to be, but it is not the same as a baby shower. It is focused on the sacredness of the soul that is joining its earth family. We also celebrate the journey into motherhood creating high vibes, through prayers, meditation and ceremony for the Mama to be.

Wah has done many Baby Blessings and can be brought in to support you and your family and to help you create the most perfect and personal ceremony. She will help create a celebration that will last a lifetime. It is never too late to have A Baby Soul Blessing Celebration, even if you are past your 120th day of pregnancy.


The process: 

  • Meet with Wah to talk about how you connect and a vision for your 120th day Blessing Ceremony. 
  • Pick a date; if it can not be on the actual 120th day after conception. 
  • Invite your tribe. 
  • Host a meal to celebrate after the blessing.
  • Wah will take care of the rest! 

What the Mama's are saying:


Rachel & Wylie

I have been blessed to study Kundalini Yoga at Golden Bridge in Los Angeles and New York over the past decade, during these studies I learned about the 120th day in pregnancy and its beautiful significance. When my partner and I decided to honor this yogic tradition and celebrate me becoming a mother one hundred-twenty days after conception I knew exactly who to call to hold space for us and host our ceremony- Wah Khalsa. Wah so perfectly created a ceremony that incorporated our closest friends and family- those familiar and unfamiliar with this tradition. She created a welcoming and intimate evening of meditation, celebration and dinner in our home. Our friends and family still talk about the beauty of this evening. It was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the magical time in our life, a moving spiritual affair which made us feel closer to our baby. It is an evening we look back on very fondly.



Azita & Ricardo 

I have always been moved by the 120th day celebration- a yogic tradition honoring the arrival of that brave soul into mama’s womb, but it wasn’t until my own 120th day of pregnancy and journey into motherhood that I truly got to experience the grace of God that pulses through these miracle moments of life. And we owe that all to Wah. Her deep wisdom, divine connection to the miracle of motherhood and her gift at making spiritual teachings relatable and accessible to any audience makes her the perfect guide to lovingly shepherd our family and community of friends into a heart opening and prayerful space to welcome in this sweet soul. It was the greatest gift we could have given to this soul we have yet to meet, as well as the greatest gift we could have given ourselves and our tribe. We all walked away tethered in love and appreciation for the miracle of life. I am forever grateful. 


Amy & Flora 

Wah lead us in the most beautiful baby blessing for our baby to be, Flora. We gathered around in a circle with myself, my husband and our surrogate in the middle. You could feel all the blessings from our family and friends. Wah’s special touches and her energy uplifted everyone there. It was the most conscious, loving way of honoring Flora and welcoming her into our community of loved ones. It was by far the most amazing part of our baby shower and something I will always cherish.

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